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Topographical Survey

Surveybase Topographical Surveys are the trusted foundation for Residential and Commercial developments across the UK.
Surveybase topographical survey

We work with Homeowners, Architects and Developers on a wide range of extension and new build schemes.

A Topographical Survey is an accurate record of natural and man-made features within a designated development zone. This survey provides a precision record of site levels, buildings, boundaries, services, natural and manmade landscaping.

We use the latest digital Total Stations, GPS Systems, 3D Laser Scanners, and UAV Drones to deliver your survey brief. The data is referenced to an OS Datum and provided as a 2D Site Plan, 3D “XYZ” Points, 3D CAD Strings, Contours, or a 3D Model.

Why not combine with our Measured Building Survey for the ultimate digital survey solution.

2 Tier Topographical Survey Solution

We offer a 2-tier approach to Topographical Surveys and will tailor the service to meet your precise objectives and budget. This flexible solution is the result of our experience and commonly requested requirements. It is the sensible platform for competitive pricing ensuring you only pay for what your development needs.

Surveybase topographical survey


Level 1 Outline Topographical Survey is designed for Land Registry and Outline Planning Applications. The survey is referenced to a GPS / OS datum with boundary mapping, plotted site buildings and access routes to the highway.
Surveybase topographical survey


Level 2 Full Topographical survey is an industry standard developed to meet the requirements of property design and construction. The Level 2 survey provides a comprehensive record of natural and manmade features including ground levels, boundaries, site buildings, roads, paths, surrounding property, drainage systems, connected services, trees, landscaping, and water features.

Topographical Survey Options

We offer a comprehensive Topographical Survey service to deliver everything you need for design, planning, and construction.

Site Plan
A plan of your plot showing ground levels, natural and manmade features.
Site Section
A vertical slice through the plot showing ground levels, natural and manmade features.
Outline Elevation
A basic outline elevation plan showing ridge lines, eave lines, window, and door openings.
Illustration of common ground levels joined to form contour lines of specified spacing.
3D “XYZ” Points
A record of 3D spot levels referenced to GPS and provided in a seperate spreadsheet (.CSV) format.
3D CAD Strings
A CAD file of 3D spot levels joined to form a series of 3D Strings typically for kerb and building lines.
3D Survey Model
A 3D Model of the surveyed site using the 3D Points Topographical Data and coordinated 3D Laser Scan Point Cloud.

Enhanced Service Options

As a professional practice we offer additional Topographical Survey services to meet unique design challenges and demands of statutory authorities.

Boundary Mapping
We map new and historic site boundaries using OS Map coordinates. These are uploaded to our Total Station and GPS instruments and located on site.
Area Measurement Calculation
We provide precision area measurement calculation for property lease and conveyance.
Lease & Conveyance Plans
Legal preparation of floor plans for property marketing, lease, and conveyance
Land Registry Compliant Plans
Legal preparation of floor plans for Land Registry applications.

Bespoke Specification

We tailor our Topographical Survey service to meet the needs of your project. Each survey benefits from a bespoke survey specification sheet. The specification is developed by the dedicated Survey Manager and used to guide the site survey, plan processing and quality assurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning our Topographical Survey service.
Why Do I Need A Topographical Survey?
You will need a Topographical Survey if you are planning structural alterations to your property including new builds and extensions. The resulting plans will be used by your Architect to prepare design proposals and submit a planning application. You may need this service if you are selling land or splitting the title deed.
What type of sites do you survey?
We routinely provide Topographical Surveys for private developers, extensions, new builds, housing estates and a wide variety of agricultural, commercial, and industrial property.
What Is The Price Of A Topographical Survey?

Each Topographical Survey is different in shape and size and with unique survey objectives. We offer a free, no obligation quotation service typically providing a competitive fixed price quote within 48 hours. Please send your survey brief to or use our Online Quote Portal

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