Surveybase offers precision digital survey solutions for engineering applications. This specialist service has been developed primarily for pipework and prefabricated steelwork structures. We have considerable experience in the Water Treatment and Oil and Gas industry, and in the precision digital measurement of complex steel frames.


We have extensive experience of surveying Water Treatment Centres and Oil and Gas processing plants. We typically deliver pipework models using AutoCAD and Revit software. Clients include engineering consultants and regional utility service suppliers. Typically, the appointment will focus on a specific processing function, although we do have experience surveying an entire water treatment site. Our extensive library of commonly used engineering components significantly benefits the modelling process.


We support adaptations to complex steel frame structures with precision digital survey solutions. We deploy the latest 3D laser scanning systems that comprehensively capture the survey scene. Using advanced processing software, the survey data is transformed into an intelligent 3D model built with individual engineering components. Typical applications include steel frame buildings, steel gantry and platform systems, shipping cranes, stadium and concert staging.

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