Experience in the heritage sector includes listed buildings, ecclesiastical property, historic sites, and monuments. We offer a comprehensive survey solution including 3D Laser Scanning, Drone, and photogrammetry to deliver a precision as-built record. Our important work provides a trusted platform for maintenance, preservation, and conservation projects across the UK.
We developed our Level 3 Measured Building Survey specification specifically for heritage property. Level 3 delivers architectural detailing at a 1:50 scale with an option for 1:20 where higher resolution is required.
Reality capture is a new and important development in the survey of historic sites. Using the 3D photogrammetry, we construct a high-definition model known as a digital twin. This can be viewed in the metaverse using a standard PC or VR headset.

Ecclesiastical Buildings

We work alongside specialist architects that work explicitly with diocese organisations. This experience has built an understanding and appreciation of historic Church, Abbey, Monastic, and Cathedral architecture. This expertise and passion is evident in the quality of our work. We typically deliver records in 2D AutoCAD with increasing requests for a BIM-ready 3D Revit model and digital twin.

Historic Buildings

We provide survey data to support the conservation of some of the UK’s most important historic buildings. Often our brief is to provide a digital record that can be used to plan maintenance works and to chart building condition. We use the latest terrestrial and aerial (drone) photogrammetry instruments and develop the data into a 3D image model, known as a digital twin. The digital twin can be viewed online in high resolution enabling the investigation of stone fissures and defects.

Listed Buildings

Life at Surveybase began in the world heritage city of Bath. Our head office remains on the outskirts of this architectural gem. We honed our expertise on the digital survey of Georgian masterpieces such as the Circus and Royal Crescent. We have a lasting appreciation for listed buildings, their heritage record, and their preservation.


We have become adept at the digital survey of historic monuments. Working alongside respected conservation architects we have surveyed many important landmarks in London and across the UK. Our Laser Scan and Photogrammetry instruments are the perfect solution for generating high-intensity point clouds and imaging needed for processing in 2D AutoCAD, BIM-ready 3D Revit model, and digital twin.

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