Clients in the industrial sector include Property Consultants, Property Landlords, and Business owners. Our experience includes industrial parks, industrial units, processing plants, factories, warehousing, and recycling centres. Our trusted work supports internal space planning, property development, and property conveyance.

Industrial Parks

We are experts in the survey of entire industrial, business, and enterprise parks for investment organisations and property developers. The typical brief includes a detailed Topographical survey of the site with adjoining fields, roads, paths, and surrounding context.

Industrial Units

We frequently survey individual units in preparation for extension plans, renovation schemes, and green energy retrofit initiatives. The typical brief includes floor plans, elevations, and sections, with options for plant layout and MEP services mapping. Our conveyance services deliver the accurate layout plans and area calculations needed for property leases, property transactions, and land registry applications.

Warehousing & Logistics

Warehousing is a high-growth sector following the expansion of in-home delivery and self-storage. We deliver precision Measured Building Surveys of large-scale warehousing sites delivering accurate building plans and storage layouts. Our work provides the accurate as-built records needed for efficient space management and maximising return on investment.


We are experts in the survey of live manufacturing environments. Our experience includes food processing, pharmaceutical, engineering, and energy plants. We regularly deploy our services in controlled environments seamlessly adopting local safety and operational procedures. Success is built on close liaison with site management to prepare a survey programme that prioritises safety whilst limiting operational disruption.

Recycling Plants

Recycling is a growing sector of industry. An increasing number of government authorities and private operators are investing in recycling plants that responsibly process waste. We are helping clients optimise their property asset through the provision of accurate Measured Building survey data. Our work is the platform for site development, introducing new waste processing facilities, and maximising return on investment

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