Our 360TOUR delivers an immersive photographic experience in high resolution 3D

Through the Surveybase 360TOUR, you gain virtual access to physical spaces. Clients can work inside the high-resolution 3D environment using a personal computer, laptop or VR headset. This immersive experience provides the platform for online meetings and enhanced project decisions.



A defining feature of a Matterport is a full three-dimensional overview of the entire building. Users can rotate the dollhouse at any angle giving a full 360-degree view of the surveyed space.


Once inside the Matterport dollhouse users can explore the building in an immersive virtual tour. This high-definition experience facilitates remote site visits and online meetings.


Matterport generates schematic plans that provide a traditional 2D view of each floor layout. Whilst these plans are not of survey grade accuracy, they are useful for maintenance, marketing, and conveyance.

The Benefits Of 360tour

  • Immersive Virtual Environment
  • High Resolution 3D Imaging
  • Collaborative Working
  • Virtual Site Meetings
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Wayfinding

The Outputs Of 360tour

We deliver Matterport Surveys as an interactive online 3D model. You can move through the model, undertaking high resolution inspection, adding tags, documents, and hyperlinks.

There are optional outputs such schematic floor layouts, low resolution point cloud or basic 3D Revit model. Matterport does not provide the precision measured survey data needed for design, engineering, and construction. It is an enhanced 3D visual experience that compliments traditional high-definition digital surveying.

360tour & Design

Matterport creates a 3D virtual photographic environment known as a Digital Twin. Inside the virtual environment users can review physical information such as building condition, building services, fit out and period features in high definition. Designers can work collaboratively together or host meetings with clients and contractors, reducing site visits and carbon footprint. Elements can be tagged with design notes, documents, and hyperlinks enhancing project communication and benefitting preconstruction tenders.

360TOUR & Construction

Monitoring construction progress is critical to delivering the development without compromise and within budget. By imaging the build at key stages clients, architects and contractors can evaluate progress and overcome challenges before they impact design and cost.

360TOUR & Facilities Management

Matterport also benefits Facilities Management and Planned Maintenance. Upgrades to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services are traditionally implemented using measured survey data. The Digital Twin allows engineers to tag retrofit upgrades within the high-resolution 3D environment. This photographic communication facility speeds on site recognition, reducing installation time and cost.

360TOUR & Wayfinding

Matterport is the perfect environment for wayfinding. Finding your way around large public buildings is challenging. Visits to hospitals and large academic buildings are a worrying experience without the added concern of getting lost. The Digital Twin provides a platform to explore the building in advance. Users become familiar within the space and plan routes to their destination. Many public sector organisations are using Digital Imaging to provide a realistic online wayfinding experience, improving user comfort and operational efficiency.

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