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3d laser Scanning

LASER scanning IS an efficient AND COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION FOR TOPOGRAPHICAL AND MEASURED BUILDING SURVEYING. laser scanning captures the complete THREE-DIMENSIONAL geometry of the survey scene whilst delivering survey grade precision.

Surveybase first deployed Laser Scanning technology in 2012. It has since become a routine procedure central to our site survey operations. Clients welcome the non-intrusive methodology and virtually silent operation. Laser Scanners record millions of measurements per second and high-resolution 3D photography. They operate in locations with poor lighting, such as confine spaces, without affecting the integrity of the survey.

The resulting survey data is processed using the latest geomatics software to generate a rich point cloud. Point Clouds provide the accurate platform for extracting traditional 2D CAD deliverables or 3D “BIM” Models.

Laser Scanning is an incredible survey technique, and we are helping Clients realise its full potential. Today we offer additional services to store, manage and visualise the large datasets.

point cloud examples

About our scans

Non-Intrusive Solution
Laser Scanning is less intrusive than traditional techniques which is useful when working in controlled and confined spaces. The tri-pod mounted survey proceeds in a series of logical scan positions. There is no requirement for physical contact with the building and the instrument is virtually silent in operation.
Monochrome or Colour?
Monochrome scanning takes 2 to 3 minutes per scan collecting 150 to 200 scan positions per day. The scan time is significantly increased in colour setting to 6 to 8 minutes on average thus reducing daily yield to approximately 60 scan positions. Surveybase 3D Laser Scan with monochrome settings for most surveys only changing to colour for complex building facades.

We recommend colour scanning for Scan to BIM especially surveying heritage and historic property.

Point Cloud Generation

Laser Scanning Survey data is supplied as a Point Cloud file. Point Clouds are extremely large files often between 50 and 200Gb. They can be exported in many file formats and typically delivered through our secure file share portal or via an external memory device.

3D Digital Photography
Laser Scanning has the additional benefit of simultaneously recording 3D photography. 3D photography is made available through our 3D Faro Scene software. This facility is free to Clients of Surveybase. It has proved a tangible benefit throughout design and construction process.
Photogrammetry Services

Orthographic and Rectified Imaging is an extension of 3D Laser Scan Photography. Colour Laser Scanning in combination with digital cameras produces high quality spatial data suitable for historic stone and brickwork investigation.

Service Options

We will develop a survey specification that meets your precise requirements. Typical service options include:

  • Monochrome Laser Scan
  • Colour Laser Scan
  • Point Cloud Generation 
  • 3D Scene Walkthrough
  • Orthographic Images

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