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We work with Architects, Property Owners and Developers on a wide range of projects; from private dwellings to large commercial, government and industrial buildings.

We use Autodesk’s intelligent Revit Software to build functional 3D models ready for Building Information Modelling (BIM). Files can be exported for use in alternative 3D software including AutoCAD and SketchUp.

We offer a flexible approach based on 4 levels of detail (LOD) with Clients specifying the treatment of building components and features from an options list. Each project begins with an online consultation meeting to confirm the specification and set expectation.

3D models are constructed from point cloud files and positioned to real world coordinates using GPS. Most projects include the target building, the immediate site topography and surrounding context. The typical specification includes building facades at LOD3 showing primary architectural features with interiors modelled to LOD2 providing the structural shell. Surrounding context is detailed to LOD1 with door and window openings that face the target building. We model using Revit’s own system families and create our own parametric families for more complex components. 

Before delivery, the model is passed through a rigorous inspection process using Navisworks clash detection software to achieve the agreed 3D tolerance. Our aim is to deliver a geometrically correct survey grade model purpose built for onward 3D Design.

LOD Explained

We offer a flexible approach to the Level of Detail (LOD) associated with 3D Survey Models including:


Entry level solution modelled at a scale of 1:200.

This solution is typically deployed to model surrounding property as a context backdrop for planning.

Window and door openings can be included to aid rights of light calculations.


Structural shell modelled at a scale of 1:200

This solution is typically deployed when only the core shell structure is required or for evaluation of structural alterations and retrofit upgrades such as building services and green energy.


Primary structural and architectural features modelled at a scale of 1:100

LOD3 represents our standard modelling treatment and is commonly used in private and public sector developments.

This approach benefits modern and contemporary buildings.


Full structural and architectural features modelled at a scale of 1:50

Progression of LOD3 and typically deployed for heritage and conservation property where more detailed observation is required.


Providing a summary of the 4 Levels Of Detail (LOD) available.

further 3d Options

In addition to selecting LOD criteria there are further options to consider.
Building Services
Option to add the layout of building services, heating, electrical and plumbing.
2D Plan Extract
Option to extract 2D plans, elevations, and sections to AutoCAD.
Topographical Models
Option to extend the building model to include Topographical Survey features and contours.
3D Visualisation
Option to purchase high resolution 3D visuals
Navisworks Report
Option to purchase the Navisworks Inspection Report
Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Option to upgrade to a functional BIM ready Model.

Bespoke Specification

We tailor our 3D Survey Model service to meet the needs of your project. Each survey benefits from a bespoke survey specification sheet. The specification is developed by the dedicated Survey Manager and used to guide the site survey, modelling process and quality assurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning our 3D Survey Model service.
What Are the Benefits Of 3D Survey Models?
There are several key benefits of 3D Survey Models over traditional 2D Measured Building Surveying. Most important they provide the platform for 3D Design and Building Information Modelling (BIM) which is mandatory for public sector developments.
What Is Building Information Modelling (BIM)
BIM is a coordinated project management methodology seeking to improve the efficiency of design and construction through collaboration. The aim is for project stakeholders, consultants, and contractors to work within a single model and reduce the cost of design error during construction. BIM extends beyond design and build phases to offer a lifecycle facilities management solution to future building users. The 2016 UK Government mandate made BIM compulsory for public sector development.
What Is The Price Of A 3D Survey Model?

3D Survey Modelling needs more time than traditional 2D CAD processing, on average around 20% longer. However, when compared with a full 2D Measured Building Survey with plans, elevations, sections, roof and attic plan the time gap is much closer. As every building differs in shape, size, and complexity it is not possible to state set pricing. We offer a free, no obligation quotation service typically providing a competitive fixed price quote within 48 hours. Please send your survey brief to hello@surveybase.co.uk or use our Online Quote Portal

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