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Measured Building Survey, Glam Night Club, CardiffThe summer of 2018 brought a string of Night Club surveys including the hedonistic mecca that is Glam in central Cardiff.

Glam is a renowned night spot with regular high-profile acts and celebrity PA’s along with some of the best resident DJ’s Wales has to offer.

Sad thing is we survey during the day often on a Monday or Tuesday when the music and lights are off without a party reveler in sight. Big shame as I’m desperate to see the Faro Laser Scanner light up the dance floor!!

Glam is destined for a major renovation and we were delighted to receive the call to action. The building rises over 4 floors including a restaurant at ground level and a lively roof terrace. We delivered a set of plans that included the floor plans, roof plan, front and rear elevations and short and long section.

We would like to thank our Clients at Glam for the experience and wish them every success in the development of this amazing place.

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Where to buy Ivermectin online - Buy generic Ivermectin

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