UAV Survey Update

Requests for this pioneering survey solution continue to climb. Since launching the service earlier this year we have deployed our UAV Drones to support several Measured Building Survey projects.

UAV systems benefit survey projects where access to roof top is not possible. This includes pitched roof buildings and those without safety installations such as internal access points and barriers. The level of detail provided by a UAV Survey is unparalleled and beyond that capable with terrestrial Laser Scanning.

UAV Surveys collect data in a series of 3D photography. Using specialist software we process the survey date set and deliver a full colour point cloud, 2D high resolution images and overflight video. Using a series of ground control points we reference the point cloud with supporting survey information such as the terrestrial Laser Scan and Topographical survey.

UAV Surveys benefit large format land surveying. They offer an efficient low resolution survey to map land features over enormous greenfield site, agricultural property and National Parks.

The future of this methodology appears immense and only limited by the advance of the instruments and software. Future thinking includes programmed flight paths through manmade sites and buildings, something of importance in contaminated or confined spaces.

Surveybase Limited offer a professional and trusted survey solution geared for large format education, healthcare, commercial and industrial sites. We possess the training, certification and warranties needed to successfully manage major survey commissions.

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