Royal Leamington Spa Pump Rooms

The Royal Leamington Spa Pump Rooms was another marvellous project for Survey Base, rich with history and a fantastic architectural building as well.

The Pump Rooms first opened back in 1814 at a cost of £30,000 and were designed by local architect C.S Smith. It proved very popular during its early years and the spa treatment claimed to relieve a number of disorders such as stiffness of tendons, rigidity of the joints, effects of gout and other various conditions. The Spa water is also a mild laxative which is one reason why the water was consumed.

The spa was very lucrative in the first few decades but by the 1840’s, the idea of ‘taking to the waters’ had begun to decline. The original investors as a result decided to sell the pump rooms to the Hon. Charles Bertie Percy who not long after decided to close the Pump Rooms and put them up for sale for building purposes. In 1862 a newly formed company bought the building and carried out reconstruction work that resembles what is now the current Pump Rooms.

In more recent years the rooms were knocked together and were used as a gymnasium to encourage exercise in the hope this would help to cure the patrons. Today the Royal Pump Rooms have been cemented in time with a museum dedicated to the history and architecture of the rooms, whilst also housing an on-site café.

Our brief for this project included a Topographical Survey of the surrounding grounds, a Measured Building Survey of the Pump Rooms themselves to capture internal and external elevations as well as floor plans. We made sure to do this fantastic building justice and the surveyors were fascinated by the history of this building that will live long in the memory here at Survey Base.

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