RAF Fairford, Cheltenham

We were delighted with the opportunity to survey RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire. With a rich history and a strong American connection, it is a unique site in our portfolio.

RAF Fairford was originally built in 1944 to support the D-Day invasion of Normandy. During the Cold War it became the headquarters of the United States Strategic Air Command and in 1991 and 2003 the airfield returned to operational status during the Gulf Wars.

At over 10,000 feet the main runway is long enough to accommodate the largest airplanes and was once an abort landing site for NASA Space Shuttle missions.

RAF Fairford is perhaps better known as home to the Royal International Air Tattoo. This is one of the largest air shows in the world.

Our scope included the measured survey of 3 accommodation blocks generating floor plans, elevations and sections needed for a proposed refurbishment programme.

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