Annual Apprenticeship Day

The development of young people is fundamental to our long-term succession plan.

We are proud of the many apprentices that have passed through our training scheme. Many have progressed to play important roles in our daily operation. These people are an inspiration to today’s apprentices; be the best you can and opportunities for advancement will follow.

Sadly, the number of young people entering the survey industry is on the decline. We are working with the TSA to turn this around through exhibitions and trade events.   We are taking the positive surveying message into Universities, Colleges and Schools and shouting about the brilliant careers available. Surveying is a balance of site and office work no 2 days are ever the same. That’s what excites us, the unique challenges we face, the decisions we make.

Enquiries for 3D surveying, Revit Modelling and BIM are increasing year on year. This futuristic survey solution requires different skills and provides opportunities for those interested in 3D modelling.

Right now, we have several openings for talented young people and we encourage you to contact charmaine.ascott@design-base to find out more.

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